International Training Course on Management of Malaria

WHO Collaborating Centre for Clinical Management of Malaria
Faculty of Tropical Medicine, Mahidol University, Thailand
in collaboration with Mekong Malaria Programme

Certificate and Follow-up

Attendance & Certificate

Participants will be expected to attend all sessions throughout the course for which a separate record will be kept. They will be obligated to be present at the opening and closing sessions without exception. Travel arrangements should therefore be made accordingly in both directions. Throughout the course, participants will be examined to determine the acquisition of knowledge, skill and competence. A certificate of completion will be awarded to the successful participants, achieving the required standard and attendance.

Follow-up Activities

On completion of this course, the participants are expected to implement the knowledge, skills and expertise gained when they return to their place of work. At least 6 months following completion of the course, they will be required to report to the WHO, of their achievements since their training. In addition, it is expected that they will communicate freely with the WHO and other participants on technical matters in the spirit of networking. It is expected that governments will nominate participants for this course, who will be deeply involved in the national comprehensive malaria management and training activities.